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Display Type Price
3 Axis Mill Display $194  

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Yes Mill display has all popular functions:

Quick Zero Keys Yes Line Hole Yes
Mill Specific Display Yes Angle function Yes
Bolt Hole Circle Yes Centerfind function Yes
SDM points Yes mm/inch conversion Yes
Simple ARC function Yes Sleep mode Yes
Smooth ARC function Yes Angle surface Yes
Power out memory Yes Tool radius compensation Yes
Linear error compensation Yes Workpiece slope function Yes
Non-linear error compensation Yes ABS/INC Mode Yes
Enter Dimensions Yes Mold making pocket Yes
Calculator Yes High Price NO!


The D60-3M is a multi-function 3 axis milling machine digital readout. It has a lot of graphics processing capabilities, specific to milling machine operations. With the help of these functions, it can greatly reduce the time and difficulty of machining operations. 


Technical Parameters:

Voltage range: AC 80V-260V/50HZ-60HZ
Power dissipation: 20VA
Axis: 3
Display:   7 bit display with sign
Times frequency: 4X
Readout box input signal: TTL, ELA-422-A
Input frequency:   >100KHZ
Resolution:    10µm, 5µm, 1µm, 0.5µm, 0.1µm
Operating keyboard: Light touch buttons
Scale grating space: 0.04mm, 0.02mm, 0.01mm
Grating scale: 20µm
Scale grating system: Infrared optical measuring system
Infrared wavelength:  880nm
Readhead transport: Five precision bearing
Power supply: +5V

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Sorry 2 Axis Displays on other page  CLICK HERE




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